Traditional Side Swept

How to- Leonardo DiCaprio's Hairstyle - The Side swept
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In lieu of of Leonardo DiCaprio's recent academic achievements, we've decided to mention one of the more current and popular hairstyles Leo has been using, The side swept. It is a hairstyle that sits inbetween a slickback and sidepart. The main variation of the sideswept is that the hair is parted, laid flat and slicked perpendicular at the part (opposed to straight back or directly over to one side). This style is better suited for medium to longer length hair. The hair achieves that "Pressed" flat look with the use of a pomade and a comb, the pomade should be one that works for your hair i.e thicker, wavy hair would need a strong hold pomade to get the pressed slick look. The side swept works well in both formal and casual occasions giving it versatility with the added benefit of simplicity. Be sure to visit our store and get the pomade and combs you need to achieve this classic hairstyle.