Interview with Braxton Brandenburg of Braxton's Barbershop

We were fortunate enough to get an interview with Braxton Brandenburg from Braxton’s Barbershop in Salt Lake City Utah
Braxton's Barber Shop window sign
Prospectors: How long have you been doing the trade?
Braxton: I started barbering professionally in 2008 so 7 yrs in right now.
Prospectors: What inspired you to become a barber?
Braxton: Ever since I was young I had a deep interest in the trade, since I was at the barber shop every other week. Unfortunately growing up in public school, barbering or any trade for that matter is never discussed or mentioned. It's always, "graduate high school, go to university, get a desk job... Blah blah blah".
I fell into that. I graduated high school, went to Junior College then moved to California from Idaho to go to a state university, with no idea what major to even get into. The whole run-around most of us are brain washed to do.
After doing that, traveling a lot, my fire for barbering was ignited again after dead end jobs. I just didn't know where to start. At the time I was living in Bozeman Montana without a barber school within 800 miles. I was tired of searching for a good barber and swore I would create a shop and do whatever it took to supply a demand for great haircuts and great service.
I soon moved to Salt Lake City. Enrolled in a barber program and the rest is history.
Prospectors: When was the Barbershop founded?
Braxton: After working for a couple other shops I ventured on my own and started Braxtons Barber Shop in 2011.
Prospectors: What do you think sets you apart from other barbers?
Braxton: I believe every barber is different. We all have different styles and strengths. Every barber creates a clientele that best suits their passion and personality. I guess instead of finding what separates me from other barbers, I would hope I compare to passionate barbers who care about their customers over anything else. We are here to supply a demand, serve people and our community.
Inside photo of Braxton's barbershop
Prospectors: How long did it take to get the shop to look the way it does with such cool signs and decoration?
Braxton: I had most of the Decor from years of collecting. A lot of it also is handed down generations. Certain knick-knacks are from family and most of the pictures are ancestors of mine. So it is original in the sense that it is connected to me. I never had a specific plan on how the shop looks... It just happened organically. I do have an antiquing problem though! :)
Prospectors: The barber shop culture has grown significantly within recent years, do you find that there is a difference between the culture by region? For example Utah and Southern California?
Braxton: Very hard to say since I have only barbered in Utah. So I can only speak for this region. It is unbelievable how it's grown since I got into the trade. The past 2-3 years have been insane here in Salt Lake City. 7 yrs ago when I started there were about 10 barber licenses given out from the state that year. Now I would estimate 80-100. I feel lucky I got into the trade before the big explosion. Would be tough to get into it now. I don't envy the barbers coming out of school now and I have nothing but respect for those that will be successful and have longevity in our trade.
Braxton's barbershop classic car
Prospectors: What do you like to do when you’re not busy cutting hair?
Braxton: I love spending time with my girlfriend of 4 years.
I also play in an American Roots duo UGLY VALLEY BOYS 
Camping, hiking, skiing, traveling and Baseball!

Here's a music video from Braxton's band The Ugly Valley Boys

Prospectors: How were you introduced to our brand and how was it received by your clients?
Braxton: Prospectors has a great marketing plan and brand. I happened to stumble on a picture of the tin on social media and had to try it. You guys sent a sample. I love how it's not marketed to a certain "scene". It's just a great all around product.
I'm just a one chair shop so I don't have the foot traffic like some of the 10+ chair shops in town but I easily go through more than a case a week and people love it!! Thanks for a great product and staying humble!


We would like to thank Braxton for giving us this opportunity, if you're in the Salt Lake City area be sure to set up a visit for a haircut and shave.

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