Barber Surgeons in Fullerton CA.


Fullerton's Barber Surgeons where patients are a virtue

This week we’re taking a look at a local barber shop located in Downtown FullertonThe Guild of Barber Surgeons is a barber shop with one objective, to get back down to the roots of barbering. They really see the significance of the art and the professional relationship between a barber and their client. Situated in the SOCO District, the shop is surrounded by numerous stores, restaurants( Angelo's and Vinci's Ristorante) and and bars(Heroes Bar and Grill, Slide Bar). One could easily spend a day shopping, getting a haircut and meeting up friends for dinner and drinks.

Barber Surgeons located in Fullerton's SOCO District

Row of Barber Chairs at Barber Surgeons Fullerton ready to serve you

The shop features a very clean and sterile environment similar to that of an operating room, with various surgeon scalps and tools showcased inside of shadowboxes on the walls. We encourage people to stop in for a haircut, grab a tin of Prospectors Pomade and check their Yelp for any current special offers.