Enriched with hemp oil

We chose to enrich our hair grooming products with hemp oil because we wanted to come up with a water soluble pomade that was beneficial to the person using it. A product that helps boost the health of both hair and scalp during daily use. Hemp oil can be used to make hair look good from the exterior as well as from within. The oil is rich in essential fatty acids, along with vitamins and protein. Hemp oil is good for people with all hair and skin types, though its nutty scent can take some getting used to, we found that our pomade’s scent complements it well. While some folks confuse it with marijuana, hemp oil is legal and does not contain the compound THC. Though the plants are both classified Cannabis sativa, they are scientifically different. Industrial hemp is cultivated for its oil, fiber and seed content, whereas marijuana is grown for its THC content. You can purchase hemp oil at health food stores and online. We use hemp oil to condition your hair and your scalp. Hemp oil has vitamin E, along with a high essential fatty acid content. Fatty acids provide emollient action, meaning they prevent water loss and have a softening effect. The oil is also a natural moisturizer that boosts scalp health, which protects against moisture loss. Keeping the scalp healthy can help prevent dry scalp and minimize irritation. You will notice the difference after washing our product out compared to other water soluble pomades, putting a literal meaning to the saying "look good, feel good".