A Promising Prospect: Prospectors Gold Rush Pomade Review

YO!!! It’s been a few weeks I have not had the chance to chat with you all. I missed all of you. I really did.Did you miss me? Enough of the lovey dovey talk and let’s get back to some of that good pomade review chat. This week I am revieiwng a new pomade on the market that has really caught my eye. The good people at Prospectors were so cool and nice to send me a tin for me to try on my luscious locks. The pomade came in super quick to my place as well. Thanks again guys!

Open Can of Prospectors Pomade Displaying Pick and Axe insert

Straight off the bat, this pomade company sure does take pride in their packaging and image. From someone who has a background in advertising, I could tell they took their time before they released something. I HIGHLY appreciate that. This pomade comes in a cardboard sleeve with instructions on how to use the pomade properly. The pomade comes in a stunning gold alluminum tin. Screwing off the lid you get such an orgasmic whiff of sweet hemp and other good stuff. This stuff is heavenly. OMG! This has to be one of the best scents ever. Inside the tin they even added their pitchfork and chisel logo. Attention to detail is too dope. Now let’s see if this stuff can do a thing or two.

I was able to scoop a nice amount with such ease, this comes out like butter and spreads like it in your hair. I also noticed that even combing this stuff in I have never had a pomade that I didn’t have to play tug of war thing. Styling with this pomade was fast and swift. Despite me having longer hair, I had no problem pomping up. Wow! My hair looks sexy, not gonna front. My hair looks healthy and shiny. I am now going to see how my hair holds up. Stay tuned!

Front view of prospectors pomade pomp
Top side view of Prospectors Pomade side part


Side view of slick hair

Scent: 5/5 Points

WOW!I want to have other grooming products with this scent. I wish this was a cologne honestly.

Hold: 5/5 Pointsprospectors pomade pomp staying in place all day

This is a true mid/firm hold with a natural finish. It offers some legit shine as well which is very rare in waterbase pomades. My hair stayed put all day.

Manageability: 5/5 Points

Prospectors Pomade Pomp Reactivated with water

I added water to reactivate to see if I would lose hold and that did not happen. To be honest it made my hair look even better.

Value: 5/5 Points

15 Bucks gets you 4.5oz of gold. This is an excellent value for top notch quality.

Final Rating: 20/20 Points

Prospectors Pomade review chart

You guys do know I don’t BS when it comes to reviews, right? I would not say a product is great and risk messing up someones hair. I can’t believe how great this product is. I need more of this pomade in my life. I think, more like know, that this will be my go-to waterbase pomade. Purchase it here!