The Difference Between A Barber and Stylist

Barber doing scissors over comb technique

In the world of hair maintenance, there are normally two professionals that most people go to: Barbers or hair stylists. Choosing which one to go to may depend on your hair and styling needs. Barbers are typically trained to cut shorter traditional haircuts for men while stylists are trained to cut longer, fuller men’s hair. Both have to become certified and trained but each one hones in a different skill. A barber, also known as a tonsorial artist, main focus is cutting men’s hair and also wet shaves, barbershops also tend to be more affordable. Hairstylists train more in the art of cutting, styling, and dying women’s hair, having more experience with longer hair. Both are great choices, if you find yourself needing a traditional haircut in a room among other men then a barbershop is for you. If you like a longer fuller haircut then a hair stylist will suit your needs. Either way, you will be in the hands of an experienced professional willing to meet your demands.