A Buttload of Coal Mine to Drool Over

A Buttload of Coal Mine to Drool Over


We keep knocking them out like hotcakes at a fundraiser, and everyone's hungry. Gentlemen grab your tins and shops, grab your stock. The people want to see what this is all about, so let's show them. 

karlmackenziebarber haircut on young man with a high skin fade and side part

Satisfied even before then cape comes off. The bald fade in this photo was done by @karlmackenziebarber @handsomedevilsbarbershop How can a cut look so clean, this work is amazing. The part and style look great with the addition of our crudeoil pomade. There is something for everyone, check us out. 


@goodforit_taipei has the right idea. A good shower and some Iron Ore. A great pomade and a crisp shirt can lead to extra attention. Your days can get a whole lot friendlier.