A Pompadour So High It Might Reach the Heavens

A Pompadour So High It Might Reach the Heavens


@philipstansberry is liking the presentation. Let me ask you something, you are trying to present yourself right? Shouldn't the things that help you present yourself come with presentation of their own? Prospectors Pomade is the perfect key to unlock any great style. 

huge pompadour haircut with prospectors pomade styled dimonlolpro

@dimonlolpro showing the hold that Prospectors can achieve. This style may not be for everyone, but everyone is looking for some hold to their hair. This large pomp top is a great testament to that. 

verbena lime beard oil from prospectors pomade

The difference between an all around scent and a sharp note. Many companies go for those sweet almost pastry scents to please. Here at Prospectors we like those scents that are a little more direct. What is more direct than lime? Citrus scents done well are easily notable. Don't keep people guessing, make this Verbena Lime scent yours.