Babes and Pomades What's Better?

Babes and Pomades What's Better?

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"When things get tough, those who can handle it thrive. Handle everything easily with these pomades that Prospectors Pomade created for you. If you are experiencing that your hair does not do what you intend to do or you believe to have a style that is very difficult to achieve; La Mansion Barber Shop brings a pomade specifically for you. You no longer have to worry about leaving the house without your hair looking exactly as you wish." Thanks @lamansionbarbers C.C. EL TREBOL - LOCAL 18

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Our products are out in Russia! Check out @alexbarber_ekb his cuts are really clean. He has an eye for good grooming and pomade. You can pick us up at Boycut Barbershop!

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Wonder Woman to the rescue. How many of you saw the movie? Galgodot is a major looker, mother and all around actress.