Excellent Barbering is Hard to Dispute

Excellent Barbering is Hard to Dispute

Stack of Prospectors Coal Mine Pomade the best award winning matte hair product

There will always be a shelve out there with Prospectors Pomade. You can find us in many barbershops. If by chance you they don't carry us, you can always get us here on our website. Reposted from @beardsgaardbarbers

barber_limb-3 post on instagram with a great sidepart haircut on a young boy

@barber_limb your work is unparalleled. You truly know what you are doing and extrude the confidence through your cutting style. The joy seen through the eyes of your customers makes us proud that we are part of the process. 

Prospectors Gold Mine hair pomade on a wooden shelf

How many of you have tried out new Coal Mine Matte Clay Pomade?