Free Samples of Prospectors Pomade, Inquire Within!

Free Samples of Prospectors Pomade, Inquire Within!

Sidepart haircut using prospectors pomade

@thechicanorebel taking this young prospector to the next level. A clean side part and laid down very nicely all the way across. He got some fine tooth comb lines on this one and it came out great.

prospector pomade gold tin can looking sexy as hell displayed

Don't know if Prospectors is a good mate for your shops shelves yet? Email us at and let's get the ball rolling. Get a sample of our pomades and you'll be hooked. We are a company that is just as dedicated as you are.


Today we get to take it easy, why? Because it's Friday and it's after 5. This was another great week, getting to serve you the customer and meeting new prospects. We are just trying our best to bring you what is Prospectors Pomade. Have a great evening!