From Deep Within the Coal Mine You Will Find...

From Deep Within the Coal Mine You Will Find...

anglesbyperfecto goldrush pomade in all of it's glory closeup shot

There is just something about looking into our Goldrush tins that awakes the spirit. It's a clear choice, a true original for any type of hair. Scoop out the riches of our pomade, Repost from @anglesbyperfecto cutting out of Razors Edge Barbershop.


Filling this place to the brim with our coalmine stock. We've had products roll out the door, but holy hell, this one is getting some attention. Get clean cut and pick up some of our matte clay pomade. A great performing pomade with a just as great scent. 

This among many other styles can be achieved using our crude oil pomade @buck_b52 freshly cutting out of @landmarkbarbers made this guy look great. Very clean lines and style.