From Long Hair to Short Styled-to-Perfection Hair

From Long Hair to Short Styled-to-Perfection Hair

beardsgaardbarbers long hair to short hair with styled beard

A @beardsgaardbarbers cut by @arrogantbarber This gentleman was a brave soul for Locks of Love. Donating his luscious locks as a start to a fresh new beginning has to be the best beginning. Keep that style up to par with some Prospectors Pomade.

Comb great for all hair types and styles Coarse and fine teeth

Our handle comb with do just that to your style, handle it. You get what we mean. A great durable comb for men and women. Get those comb lines down with a wide toothed approach. Great for detangling, styling and it has a comfortable grip too.

ronindannn-2 instagram post with Prospectors pomade

@onindannn has been knocking out the post. A true supporter of Prospectors Pomade. Cut after cut, photo after photo, he is on top of his game.