Garrett Michael Barber Shop

Mom of the year award goes to, Daniela Marroquin for naming her barbershop after her son. Now that’s just a cool move right there. Daniela is passionate about her trade, the company she keeps and all around grooming. Carrying the intrigue since high school, after many a year Daniela put her foot down and decided to enroll in Barber School and ultimately ended up opening the shop.  

garrett michael

Adhering to their customers, the barbers at Garrett Michael’s offer every hair snipping service with quality. You can get a beard trim, face shave or your regular cut at this Salt Lake City shop. All services are topped off by a hot towel head wrap, neck shave and massage, making you look and feel like a million bucks.

Garrett Michaels

Being the most diverse shop in town where all walks of life are greeted timely and truly upon arrival. The reviews that customers post attest for themselves, and as always, the customer is always right. 

“Very professional business. Barbers treat you right and make the experience worth your time and money. Not many gentlemen's shops that will match their quality. I've had Dani & Isaac cut my hair and trim my beard. Place oozes excellence; with great beats playing on the stereo.” – Mitch Arquette. So there is no need to second guess the decision, stop on in get your cut and pick up some Prospectors Pomade while you're there. 

Here's a link to a great video of the shop

garrett michael

435 300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

(801) 359-4580

Monday         9AM–8PM      

Wednesday   9AM–8PM

Tuesday         9AM–8PM

Thursday        9AM–8PM

Friday             9AM–8PM

Saturday         9AM–5PM

Sunday           Closed

 There are 30 reviews at the moment and it has 4.9 stars.