Get Out There and Do the Best You Can Today.

Get Out There and Do the Best You Can Today.

the three pomades by prospectors company in california

Happy Monday Morning to you all! Woke up in a good mood and we are trying to spread the feeling. There should be nothing more contagious than a great attitude. 

bulwarkbarber red beard cut and styled with prospectors pomade

@bulwarkbarber 's work here is nice and clean. A simple slick back for this gentleman's style. Some guys like a fade on the sideburns but this point looks really nice along his glasses. 

john muir overlooking yosemite valley gif sepia color

“When everything's said and done there is nothing left to do or say.” Strike up those feet as you have conquered yet another day with your best efforts. Your best foot is always forth and your will is strong but you are human. Get some rest. The strength you find after rest will help you navigate tomorrow's journey with determination and success.