Iron Ore Always Gets the Job Done

Iron Ore Always Gets the Job Done

a huge amount of iron ore pomade from prospectors pomade

Plenty of Iron Ore Pomade is getting made. The more pomade we have on hand the faster it gets to you. You just have to do your part and get those orders in. Ask about our open/closed signs. 

jack_knife_barber instagram account featuring prospectors pomade

Check out this one by @jack_knife_barber have you also seen our stock, we have added another little something for you. Now there are 4 pomades brought to you by us! Keep your hairstyle looking good.

brand new matte pomade called coal mine water based and amazing

We are loving the feedback. Hopefully the rest of you that haven't tried it out yet will soon get to. The scent will uplift your senses and the performance will make you a keeper.