It's Going Off in Korea For Prospectors Pomade

It's Going Off in Korea For Prospectors Pomade

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Which cape goes best with your shop? Capes come in a rich burgundy or black. These capes are washable, durable and a great addition to any shop. Add some more color and style while adding comfort to your patrons. 

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Thanks for the post @shaveandpomade Picking up his pomade from our pals @prospectorspomade_kr We like your style, keep that good look going. A more mature length can always use some hold.

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Pick up one or more of our Prospectors finely-made combs. Make styling a breeze by finding the right fit and teeth that you want from a comb. A nice aid for those who like to finger comb their hair. If there is a single direction that you normally push your hair to, comb it first and then work it from there. Get all those strands going with you and minimize the hair bumps. These combs are perfect for all styles.