Prospectors Beard Oils

Prospectors Beard Oils

Bay Rum Beard Oil

Bay Rum is a distillate that was originally made in Saint Thomas from rum and the leaves and/or berries of the West Indian bay tree, Pimenta racemosa. It's a timeless and manly scent that demands everyone take note. 


Verbena Lime Beard Oil

A fresh scent in the beard can take you to a new level of comfort. A couple simple drops in the hand can not only help condition that beard but those manly hands. Our oil is beneficial to any area of skin and dry hair. 

Barbershop Scent Beard Oil

A scent that brings nostalgia to head. Our #barbershop scent is a fine scent suited for any suit or shovel. Get rid of the itch, the flake and a tight beard. Add some life to your beard and let it breathe.