Prospectors Out in The Wild Of Australia

Prospectors Out in The Wild Of Australia


Wow, just wow. @cheungleungkee With the perfect color combination for a photo. Everything is complementing the next and look at how wonderful that green is to our Prospectors tin. There might be a ton of other needed tools and products but no collection is complete without a Coal Mine Pomade.


Our buddy Dongkyu Lee @dk_barber out of the The Outro Barbershop keeps them coming and we will keep them going up. We really do want your post and the best of the best go up. One advisory is that we just can't post post that have more pomade companies tagged or hash tagged in them as we don't know which product is in the hair. We hope that makes sense. 

@dudehut was road tripping with the Prospector, in Mt. Kosciuszko National Park. Thanks for the post!