Prospectors Will Always Get You There in Style

Prospectors Will Always Get You There in Style

luke5474 prospectors pomade in a cardboard box

A really nice photo by @luke5474 co-founder of @urbanshelter_interior That tin looks stunning. Which out of the current 3 Prospectors pomades do you like the most? 

themexicanyogi dressed dapper and styled hair with prospectors pomade

@themexicanyogi taking it to the next level. We post many of the captions that you all post. On this one we are going to paste this gentleman's header, "Work hard • show up on time • stay interested • do your best every time." On point sir, on point.

coltondaleharriss prospectors pomade black and white photography
An evening reminder that we thank you all for reposting and showing us how Prospectors is in your lives. We love all barber / barbershop posts, the tins, you and your favorite Prospectors Pomade posts and even the out and abouts. Tag us to let us in the know. Repost from @coltondaleharris