Steak and Pomade What Else Do You Need?

Steak and Pomade What Else Do You Need?

cardboard box of prospectors pomades ready to be shipped

For those shops that have Mondays off, here's a reminder. Stop putting it off and visit us online to get Prospectors in your shops. Get the ball rolling today or set yourself a reminder for tomorrow. Our products are very popular for all sorts of hairstyles and haircuts. There is a pomade here for everyone. We also carry barbering essentials such as beard oils and pre-shave oil that will help you to get that skin feeling great during and after a shave. We look forward to working with you all! 

92_proof instagram picture of fade haircut with prospectors pomade

@92_proof with a little fade action and nicely blending the beard with the rest of this gentleman's cut. Giving a complimentary shape to the beard keeping the slender look to this man's face.

steakshrimp on the grill cooking over a bbq

Monday's reward. There are good rewards you can give yourself, but a nice steak has to top the list. A nice slab after the days work is done taste all that much better. What's a good hearty meal that you appreciate?