The Outro Barbershop

The outro barbershop

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This is for our special buddies over the Pacific, so today we take a look at what is The Outro Barbershop in South Korea. Consisting of four barbers who kind of remind us of The Gorillaz band yet with that dapper take on style. Looking at their photos you can tell that these guys love what they do.

The Outro barbershop

Almost every inch of the shop is adorned with pomade company posters and tattoo art. This little gem in Seoul is dedicated to the traditional barbershop way and feel. Carrying a vast array of products as well, Prospectors Pomade is honored to be among those pomades in the shop. 

The Outro barbershop



F1, 13, Seongji-gil, Mapo-gu,

Seoul, Korea

Mon-Sun: 12am – 10pm