There's Gold in Them Hills!

There's Gold in Them Hills!

theres gold in them hills prospectors pomade

Looks like @camerona145 is back saying, "THERE'S GOLD IN THEM HILLS!! Very happy I held onto this one. Still great after all this time." Glad you kept it in your surplus. Gold never gets old. 

large selection of prospectors pomade products

Check out @beautyave3 here with a large selection to choose from. Not only do they offer great choices, their whole team is dedicated to their customers. "We put you first, the client, with a team that is renowned for their commitment to education, customer service and the latest technologies. Relax in a warm environment while we guide you through tips, techniques, products and styles that will turn heads and simplify your life." We are honored to be in your shop. Check out their site for help with Wigs For Kids which helps children look themselves and live their lives.

manly grey haired beard on a man

Nourish your beards health. If you have a beard and comb your hair, why spend all that time on just the top? Show your beard a little attention too.