Wolverine's Pomade of Choice

Wolverine's Pomade of Choice


We are really liking this setup shown on the @prospectoverland Instagram. This kind of post awakes the Prospectors spirit to see something so nice. What it would be to stare nature in the face every Monday. Even if it was just for a nice weekend to refresh one's energy and mind. 

Here’s a little fun one by @oldtimej cutting out of @oldtraditionsgentlemensparlor They are turning uncles into Wolverine over there. Stop by their shop and they will take care of you like a gentleman should be taken care of. No matter what type of beast you walk in as, you will walk out the man that momma always knew you were.


"Everything is Gooooooood!!!" proclaims @anson16818 We thank you for your golden post and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Gold Rush is still standing strong as the crowd favorite. We love reading how our pomade selection is work differently for customers.