Zombie Exorcism Using Pomade

Zombie Exorcism Using Pomade

denis_borodis zombie exorcism via pomade

Well this is a first, we have never heard of a zombie exorcism by way of pomade. Looks like our pomade has turned this goon back into a happy and handsome man. Repost from@denis_borodis 


When you are one of those people who stick with what they know they like. "Finally stocked up on 15oz of Iron Ore again!" says @theromo666 We went above the 12 oz. tins to bring the pomade addict in you 3 more ounces. That is almost a full regular tin extra of your favorite for you to enjoy. 

@dk_barber sure has a nice run of stickers going on there. We are lucky enough to get ours up there. Show us where you put your Prospectors Pomade sticker up for a chance to be posted.